FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

On Languages

Seriously, you can! You see, 120 hours is the International standard for achieving intermediate proficiency in foreign languages. Some people stretch out this 120 hours over 3-9 months. But that's both expensive and improbable in this case. So what we are offering you is an INTENSIVE training. We could as well draw it out over 6 months, but we know you don't have that time and you are brilliant enough to cope with the speed. However, to maximize this intensive language tutelage, you have to come in with a lot of determination and discipline.
Never mind, we have thought about that. The curriculum is actually designed to accommodate stark beginners. However if you have had some experience in the past, we will access your level and place you in the appropriate level of tutelage that fits you.
No sir! You cant learn both at the same time. You will only get confused. It is advised that you take them one at a time. You might eventually learn 20 languages in the future, but for now, you will have to take them one at a time.
Our curriculum and training strategy was painstakingly designed by seasoned professionals, with several years of experience. There will also be learning aids for you. Videos, Audio, Oral, Software, team/group work etc.
50% of our tutors are white, seasoned native speakers of the French/German. The other 50% are Nigerian tutors with at least a Masters degree in the Language they are handling. Aside from these, they also have several years of teaching experience under their belts. In fact we also have a Training-of-Trainers programme for our tutors. So, chill out…you are getting the best here!
Practicing a Language you are learning is key to getting the right grasp of it. So we have a Learning-Buddy strategy and a lot of group work to help you get it right. We also strongly recommend that all our students take the 1-month immersion course at one of our partner training institutes in Cotonou and Germany.
If you will get a quick mastery of the new language you have learnt, you need an immersion by all means. It's a setting where you get another one month of training in a foreign country where the language you have learnt is spoken as lingua franca. This helps you to gain the confidence to use the language and learn faster than you can imagine.
We have a solid partnership with Institut de Langues Cotonou for our French students and Inlingua Institute Berlin, Germany for our German students. We have negotiated subsidized prices with our partners to make the immersion course more affordable for you. We also have strong networks with the German embassy in Nigeria to make securing a German visa far easier for you. For the French students going to Cotonou the bus leaves from Motion Ground and takes you straight to the partner school! No stress! See what Participants from last year think about their one month immersion course in Cotonou.

On The Job Fair

Of course you will get a job! Just maybe not immediately, majorly because you are yet to do your NYSC. However, some of the partner companies are offering short internship positions, NYSC placements and Pre-NYSC jobs, for the attractive candidates. So if you can prove your mettle at the interviews, you might just be getting your first job out of EE.
Yes! Every participant will get at least 2 (two) real interviews with any two of the companies coming. In fact if you have a CV that is compelling enough, you might get as many as 10 interviews!
15 Companies are coming. That's the target we must achieve. However the Job fare is still almost 4months away so we are yet to confirm the companies. As of now we have gotten 8 consents. We are working hard to seal the 15 companies before the end of November. We will make sure to let you know once we get them.

On Employment Etiquette

Employment Etiquette is the complete set of soft skills training that will, help you become the irresistible employee/employer. So everything from self awareness, charting a career part to writing CVs, acing interviews, business writing and communication, corporate comportment, teamwork to workplace dynamics… See a detailed curriculum here
No ma! You haven't heard it all. Aside the fact that Employment Edge is intensive and span weeks - which means more contact time and detail, the dynamic way the curriculum is designed and implemented, will ensure that you are indelibly imparted in a step-wise, comprehensive manner. In addition the resource persons are as good as they can ever come!
One of the things we paid the most painstaking attention to is the choice of our resource persons. We deliberately searched for not only the most experienced speakers but also those who are proven good communicators, because we know that it's one thing to know your stuff, its another to know how to communicate it.
It doesn't end there. We follow up our alumni. It is our goal that all our alumni will secure a gainful employment within the year immediately after NYSC. We also work towards ensuring that you retain and improve the language you learnt at EE. To this end we have partnered with job sites, employment agencies and companies within Nigeria to ensure that when the opportunities appear you are aware and fit to take them! We also have internship arrangements abroad via AIESEC so you can get still keep the shine on the language you learnt with us, even long after you have left us!