About Us

Employment Edge is an intensive capacity development academy, focused on giving young Nigerians real, practical soft skills training and the appropriate world view, for a fiercely competitive global job market.

The curriculum includes;

  1. 5 weeks of in-depth “employment etiquette” training
  2. Foreign languages (French or German) tutelage
  3. Coaching in entrepreneurship and
  4. A week-long Career Fair.
  5. 1 month Foreign Immersion course.

EE was founded by Dr. Okeleji Olamide Emmanuel and Dr. Ezekiel Olagunju in 2010, with a team of visionaries.

Over the last 3 years we have had the privilege to work with 16 French and German Tutors, over 20 speakers from varied industries in Corporate Nigeria and a dedicated team of Graduate Volunteers. Together, we have trained 313 young Nigerians, who have gone on to make a dent on our world.

We are excited about the future! In 2014, we are shifting our focus to larger landscapes; more Cities and Universities across Nigeria will host EE and we will have the privilege again to impart even more Nigerians… and you can join us!